• The Great Class War 1914-1918

    The Great Class War 1914-1918

    Historian Jacques Pauwels applies a critical, revisionist lens to the First World War, offering readers a fresh interpretation that challenges mainstream thinking. As Pauwels sees it, war offered benefits to everyone, across class and national borders. For European statesmen, a large-scale war could give their countries new colonial territories, important ...

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  • 14-18 la grande guerre des classes

    14-18 la grande guerre des classes

    Dans l’Europe de 1914, le droit de vote universel n’existait pas. Partout, la noblesse et les grands industriels se partageaient le pouvoir. Mais cette élite, restreinte, craignait les masses populaires et le spectre d’une révolution. L’Europe devait sortir «purifiée» de la guerre, et « grandie » par l’extension territoriale.  Et ...

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  • World War I: “Flander’s Fields,” 1915-2015: Whence the Poppies?

    The enthusiasm for war in the summer of 1914 was never as great or as widespread as we have been conditioned to believe. By early 1915, after six months of massacres and with no end in sight, soldiers and civilians were disillusioned and disgusted. The authorities of all belligerent countries ...

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