The Myth of the Good War – revised edition

In the spirit of historians Howard Zinn, Gwynne Dyer, and Noam Chomsky, Jacques Pauwels focuses on the big picture. Like them, he seeks to find the real reasons for the actions of great powers and great leaders. Familiar Second World War figures from Adolf Hitler to Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin are portrayed in a new light in this book. The decisions of Hitler and his Nazi government to go to war were not those of madmen. Britain and the US were not allies fighting shoulder to shoulder with no motive except ridding the world of the evils of Nazism.

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The Myth of the Good War is an outstanding and absolutely critical work that deserves the widest circulation, and I urge my friends to buy it. I learned a great deal more detail about that war and especially the post WW II and Cold War period. (John Marciano, Professor Emeritus, SUNY Cortland)